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Becoming Aware with Self Talk and Positive Thinking

Self-awareness will help you know where to go in the future. With positive thinking and self-talk, we can and will go along ways.

If we do not nowhere to go in the future what fun is life going to be so we need goals to work for. First, you need to find out who you are before trying to set those goals.

Be positive and think about yourself. Self-awareness brings you to know you’re self-well… You will find balance and honest views of your own personality, and will frequently have the ability to interact with others frankly and confidently. Self-awareness then works with self-talk, by building positive thinking. You just can’t lose with self-talk.

How to find self-awareness through self-talk:
You start with finding a quiet area. Next, visualize yourself sitting across the room with someone else in the room. You are safe so don’t worry. The person sitting across the room is you. You want to get to know this guy, because this is your best friend and the only true human being that you can trust for life.

Now, picture your friend. Ask your friend how he feels about self. Ask him what is going on in his life and tell him you are there to lend a hand. Give encouragement to your friend so he will return to you and offer you a lending hand when in need.

Each day that you come to know you, you will find your life much easier. Instead of waging judgment on you, enjoy your self-talk with you by making it a fun adventure.

Self-talk Fun Adventures:
ME: Hi, how are you today.
I reply, Oh, I am fine. A little worn down from working long-hours.
ME: Well, why do you abuse yourself working too much?
I reply, Well, I figure I owe my loyalty, dedication, promptness to my fellowmen.
ME: And what do they owe you for such hard work?
ME Reply: They thank me in some ways.
ME: And how is that.
ME Reply, Maybe I don’t feel appreciate.
ME: Exactly…
ME Reply, Didn’t we jump track.
ME: NO, we are still on the same train, only the track is longer.
ME Reply: Well, we need to shorten the tracks, because I feel I am missing the point.
ME: You are not missing the point. You are on track; it is me thinking about playing mini golf with the boys.
ME Reply, Boy where did that come from.
ME: It came from me feeling anxious to finish work tonight so I can relax and watch television for a change instead of beating this darn keyboard until my fingers swell and my mind inflates.

ME reply, so what is going on.
ME: I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I need a breathe of fresh air so that I can recover from writing long hours.
Me reply can we swing it.
Me; sure, we can swing it. As long as you don’t mind that I go into my little play world where all my friends that make me happy hang.
Me reply, Not at all. I am one of those friends, so let’s get together tonight and have a little fun after you finish your work.
Me, wow…me finish, you are suppose to be helping.
Me reply, I am on a mental retirement plan, will help when I retire from this plan.

See how that works. It may sound nutty, but who cares. You are discussing issues and if you look between the messages, you will see an emptiness waiting to be filled. This person feels unappreciated to a degree, and feels overbearing. Maybe if she takes a break she will feel alive again and put those negative thoughts away.