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Buoyant Mind — No More Tears

One can not imbibe steadfastness and buoyant spirits unless he has peace of mind within himself blooming with love. His positive approach in life will boost self—esteem and he has to leave the past dead. His success depends upon taking every challenge as a passion and never to curse his luck but look perkier. Such a person arrests every moment of life for best use and casts magic spell on others to pull them along with him. The life of such a person will be like swirling fields with changing seasons and strutting water streams with giggling and crackling sound. His activities of life are stressed on ‘Karma’ (actions) as to be remembered and emulated by others as he is forward looking with fervent hope at every step which is the basis for our moment—to –moment life breath and is elated at every success and he is never tired or disillusioned at failures. He is open, receptive and flexible to the new ideas and odd situations. He is not incorrigible, impudent or rancour but always prepared to absorb the shocks and ups and downs of life and ever prepared to support and help others in their hour of need. A person with such sterling and lofty qualities does wonders in organizational matters and will buster the evil impulses of others and is capable of puffing off / blowing off all the worries of mundane life and is contented and thankful to Almighty for His divine grace, bliss and bounties.

The neurons in brain are triggering and brimming/ revitalizing quickly with dormant energy and wisdom provided we take necessary steps to make our life ever fresh and spick and span by nourishing it. Consuming fibrous and nutritious healthy food helps us in doing so to avoid constipation which is one of the main causes of our swinging moods. Such a food also helps in strengthening our stamina and immune system. Keeping ourselves mentally and physically busy and strong is another way to stay lethargy at bay. Divine knowledge, attending spiritual discourses, participation in devotional songs and dances etc. boost our buoyancy to achieve God realization and also suicidal thoughts and attempts can be avoided.One should keep company of younger persons, relax often and get sound sleep with regular activities due to which we can achieve best results. Love and affection for all and praising the deserving for worthy cause can upbeat our mind and that of others. One should keep some leeway and flexibility in every dealing. We should not strike the wrong chord but be balanced, analytical and discerning while taking important decisions.

A person with above qualities is disciplined one and his mind does not agitate, which helps in concentration. He will be fascinated with life and the Supreme Lord, the Creator. He will easily come out of the whirlpool of life by avoiding attrition and fostering love and tolerance and adjust according to circumstances and keep at bay many ailments. Being a spirited person he scales down new peaks in life and iron out many wrinkles. This type of attribute adds fragrance and luster to life. He is swift in mending his fences to be in tune to transform his opposites who possess biased, contaminated and perverted minds. He may become a moving force to educate and reform people for enjoying real purpose of life, not allowing boredom to touch and ruin life and may, very often, take emotional upheavals and anxieties of others to his stride, not leaving anything to fate but will stand up again and again against odds to achieve desired result. Thus he will lead life without compunction.

The buoyant person is a mighty intellect, psychologically upbeat and possesses balanced disposition. He will prove himself as a motive force and being vibrant mobilize others’ opinion to mould them for the welfare of the society. He can prove himself as a striking example for others being a beacon light. He is able to detoxify his own as well as of others’ drosses to improve the power of sustenance and to live bubbling with verve, tolerance and will remain composed, thus rejoicing in every obstacle. He is capable to revitalize even those living in sedentary life. Such persons are fit and proper to create harmony, love, peace and order everywhere. Persons of same wave length become friends and share their pleasures and sorrows. These qualities are also extremely helpful in warding off diligently many hard-hit chronic and contagious diseases like arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and allergy etc.

A cheerful , confident and optimistic person is uplifted with humanity and shining like a bright light and not smothering like a wilting wick. He will enjoy worthy life while serving others and be devoid of ego to remain in full esteem.He is committed, determined and wholesome person and will act as a locomotive to pull along the dimwitted. Even the blind, deranged, handicapped/incapacitated etc. will not suffer in his company. He will change the world with the help of his ilk by adding spice to their life. A few such persons can transform the whole world into a paradise. It is incumbent on our part to join the company of such people as they are achievers and will bring forth healthy, happy and friendly society. Let us keep in mind that in case buoyancy blends with spirituality then wonderful results are expected. On attaining spiritualism and virtues one will feast his eyes on Supreme Lord as gaining such a wisdom surpasses all the pleasures of life and also one becomes illustrious.

In conclusion, the author asks the readers whether they wish to shed tears in despondency and wail hysterically or like to be buoyant and uplifted ?

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