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Christian Roommates – Finding The Right One

When you first began looking for solid Christian roommates to live with, it seemed that you would never find anyone. You may have felt like the only Christian in your new neighborhood. But eventually you will discover a new problem. You will have to chose from a handful of potential roommates. If you’ve just started looking, it may seem like a great problem to have, but making that final choice is difficult and has long-lasting ramifications. Let’s look at some ways to make a wise decision when picking your Christian roommate.

First, make sure that this person is someone you share beliefs with. You don’t have to nitpick or turn it into a theological interrogation, but you just want to make sure that you all believe in the same Christianity. There are so many varieties of Christians in the world that you can’t assume anything. Asking a few questions now will save you tons of trouble down the road.

Also, it’s important to figure out boyfriend and girlfriend situations. This area is a minefield of potential problems. What you believe is appropriate may not be shared with your roommate and vice versa. Get these problems worked out immediately. There’s nothing more awkward and outburst inducing than trying to work out romantic problems with roommates. Figure out a set of common beliefs and rules and agree to stick to them. Even if there are no significant others in the picture that doesn’t mean it will stay like that.

Another area that Christians can disagree on is entertainment. There is a spectrum of beliefs regarding what is appropriate to watch or listen to. Talk a bit with your potential roommate about their favorite movies, TV shows, and bands. If you find that you’re coming from two different worlds, it may be a sign that your roommate relationship would not be a successful one. There tends to be a lot of judgment thrown around regarding entertainment and you don’t want to be caught up in a war over the TV set. Figure this one out early.

Christian roommates can be difficult to find but they can be even more difficult to wade through. People have such varying beliefs that it’s important to get everything settled early on. If it seems like there will be a potential problem, then keep looking. God will bring you the right person in His time.

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