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Computer Ergonomics And Repetitive Stress Injuries

More than anything else, the main goal of computer ergonomics to work to reduce repetitive stress injuries that can result through the regular use of a computer and related equipment. Through this article, a brief overview of repetitive stress injuries is provided, particularly as these injuries relate to computer use and computer ergonomics.

Generally speaking, repetitive stress injuries are referred to by many experts in the field of computer ergonomics as Cumulative Trauma Disorders. As the moniker suggests, the key to understanding and appreciating Cumulative Trauma Disorders is appreciating that they are, in fact, cumulative. In other words, these injuries develop overtime from repetitive movements, strained exertions, working in awkward positions as well as from compression and vibration.

Most people assume that when it comes to Cumulative Trauma Disorders, exposure to the source of a trauma needs to be for a lengthy period of time. In many instances, this assumption does prove correct. However, in reality, it is impossible to develop Cumulative Trauma Disorders after exposure to a source for a matter of weeks. As a result, it truly is important for a person to follow the suggestions of computer ergonomics specialists.

The symptoms of repetitive stress injuries or Cumulative Trauma Disorders include severe pain, tissue swelling, numbness, unusual tingling, restriction of natural joint movement and, ultimately, decreased dexterity.

If you are in fact experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is absolutely necessary for you to seek prompt and immediate medical attention. By seeking medical attention in the first instance, you have a far better chance of alleviating the symptoms and the underlying traumatic condition. In addition, by seeking prompt medical attention, you are far more likely to avoid a more invasive medical procedure such as surgery to resolve an injury or disorder.

When all is said and done, repetitive stress injuries or Cumulative Trauma Disorders simply are not matters which should be taken lightly. Rather, as has been noted, if you feel that you are suffering from one or another of the symptoms outlined in this article, you should waste no time in obtaining medical attention and assistance. Further, as has been noted, you can avoid or lessen the harmful side effects of computer use by following the guidelines established by experts in the field of computer ergonomics. Truly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the case of Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

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