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Diamonds are one of the stones that god inspired Aaron from the Jewish history to implant on the breastplate of the high priest. It represents the month of April and planet Venus and it is very commonly known as the King of gemstones. In plain words diamond is the girl’s best friend! Diamonds are believed to have divine powers that they can bestow upon the wearer.

Even while you are watching diamond commercials on television you can feel the shine, the sparkle penetrate in your eyes, leaving you mesmerized. The whole world has been working really hard to make this stone as a symbol of love and affection. No wonder men spend their life savings on buying a diamond ring for proposing marriage to their beloved instead of using a gold one. Too many magical powers, too many superstitions beliefs have been associated with diamonds.

The diamond is chemically composed of carbon and it is the hardest of all gems. The perfect four dimensional shapes of the stone make it very useful. The women today who wear diamond rings and necklaces to show off their extravagance little know that this rare gem stone has a big hand in industrial development as well. It is used for cutting other metals because it is the hardest of all metals. Diamonds are available while in raw state in different colors. They may be totally colorless or pale yellow and they can even be orange, red, blue, black and green.

Diamonds are believed to be very old. Their life spans can be as long as 2 or 3 billion years and they can live as long as forever. They were popular in Greek mythology, gods were believed to use this to communicate with people and thus it even has a Greek name that is called adamas.

The substance that diamond is made up of; over the years as it has lived to prove itself as the most reliable of all stones has earned it deep veneration.

Diamonds are said to have magical powers. It may be superstition but it has prevailed through the times and women go on using it as a means of good luck. Good luck is something very minor diamonds can heal many fatal diseases and surprisingly it even has. The wearer is given strength in his relation with his spouse. It is said to give power to a weak soul and most of all it provides longevity. This attribute is something no man can deny to have longing for. No wonder then the world says diamonds are forever!

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Jonathon Hardcastle

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Gemstones, Science, and Aging