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Eliminating Undue Stress in Our Lives

When I come home after driving my car the keys either stay in my pants pocket or I put them in a specific place. At night when I take of my shoes they are then right beside my bed so that when I wake up I know where they will be. My desk may be a mess but I know where everything I need is. I am constantly telling my kids and my wife not to clean or move anything on my desk. Every Time they do I can no longer find things I may need.

My Oldest son, Micah, when he comes home from work he takes off his shirt and just lays it someplace. The next day he tears up the house in a frenzy looking for his shirt. I remember once my wife pounding a nail beside the door and hanging her keys there. It took her almost a year before she realized that she hung them there. She tore apart the house numerous times looking for them. We finally spent almost a hundred dollars to get new keys made.

If you are constantly losing things then you need to put everything in a specific place and always put things in the same place. Why go through the stress of frantically trying to find something because you didn’t follow this rule? If you are walking in your house and you trip over something then move that thing aside so that you don’t trip again. I’ve seen my wife trip over the same object half a dozen times. It doesn’t occur to her to move the object.

there are so many things we do that will make our lives a little easier. The ultimate goal is to reduce stress. Stress is probably the cause of the majority of problems in our lives. We can get sick unnecessarily because of the stress in our lives. It causes arguments with our loved ones and can ruin a day that would otherwise be a great day.

If something upsets you instead of reacting right away why not take a few minutes and do some heavy breathing? If i reacted at everything that upset me then i would have fewer friends and not that great of a relationship with my family.
There are many little things that we can do that will make life a lot easier. Rather then setting these big long term goals which could take a long tiime to see results make little goals and give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach one of these mini goals.

When starting a project finish it before starting another. Otherwise you will have all these unfinished projects in your life.

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