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End of friendships

Nothing good may last forever. If we think that a good friendship will last forever, we may be wrong. Every friendship may end. Very few friendships survive. And they are lucky friendships.

We develop many friends in our childhood, and go on our separate ways in high school. Most of the childhood friendships end at that stage, and new friendships are formed. Same pattern is repeated after college. We go in different directions to pursue different careers. The contact with friends is lost and slowly these friendships also end.

Friendship is like a river. It flows towards its destination and on the way it meets many interesting people. Relations between friends change, if one of them gets married. The entry of a new person may bring irreversible changes in friendship. Disagreement over issues may bring very old friendships to a sudden end. A friendship is formed because friends have common interests and opinions. Once they begin having different opinions, there are more of disagreements than agreements during a talk. This brings the friendship down by souring the relationship.

Friends also have expectations from friends. Relationships are not always totally selfless. If a friend fails to meet needs of another friend when required, it hurts the friendship badly. Imagine two friends, both beginning their career with same income. Say that after 2-3 years, one of them becomes much richer than the other. Will the friendship retain its old charm? Difficult.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It is for us to think optimistically or be a pessimist. Why should we think about how friendships may go bad tomorrow? Why not enjoy the relations today and let tomorrow worry about itself?

Friendships do die for different reasons. But it is not a universal law. Many friendships survive over a long period and give immense joy to the friends. Why not take your friendships as one of those types and nurture them?

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