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Fear And Anxiety Revealed

An anxiety attack is what we would describe as rush of thriving urgency of overpowering fear that starts with no due announcement and without having any cause of initiating in the first place. After the attack commences it will reach its highest peak after about 60 seconds or so.

Anxiety Attack Disorder tends to affect people are normally in the age bracket of about 20 to 30 years of age. Anxiety disorder is believed to be as an urgent charging attack of fear, intense terror, or feelings of total devastation and this may strike without any warning and for reasons that are not detailed or explained.

Anxiety Attack Disorder is also quite often coupled with additional serious problems, such as depression, and perhaps intoxication. The disorder affects approximately three to six million US citizens, and is twice as likely to be affect women as opposed to men.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms: The Signs

At some stage in their life the average person may be affected to at least one panic or anxiety attack and it must also be noted that an anxiety attack is not some kind of disease that is caught, it is a medical condition that is produced.

If you are subjected to an anxiety or panic attack, you may feel your heart beating erratically, nausea, light headiness, tightening of the chest and perhaps even feelings of numbness around your body.Then there is the sensation of feeling that you have no control over what is occurring to you. A feeling of being Powerless. Even though there is no sure-fire reason for a panic attack, the symptoms always stay the same in all persons affected.

Care For Anxiety & Panic Attacks

One way of nursing panic attacks is so basic and is available to us at on demand. That method is common water and the reason why water plays such an essential part in the treatment of panic attacks is simply because dehydration is an essential factor in aggravating anxiety. This theory works on the basis that all hormones have the requirement to be elevated to work best; To do this our body must have water and plenty of it.

Support For Anxiety Sufferers

There is always support available for anxiety and it is just the case of contacting your doctor with details of what you are going through. Should you need it you may also qualify for financial aid.

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