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Finding The Perfect Camera

Taking pictures is something that is very easy for most anybody to do. With such high tech devices now people can take pictures from their phones, laptops, and even micro equipment. However, taking quality photos requires a camera solely for one purpose; to take photos.

There are many cameras out there now from point and shoot cameras to digital SLR’s. Finding the right camera is all a matter of personal taste. If, of course, you are specifically taking photos for a certain purpose such as stock photos the choices you can choose from are narrowed greatly. Finding the perfect camera is all about your individual needs.

Some very necessary features of a camera for a serious photographer include a manual focus ring, shutter speed control, aperture control, ISO control, and as many manual controls as you can get. This, however, should be present in any camera that is of high quality. Most SLR cameras have these features and if they don’t then are they really SLR cameras?

The mega pixel number should be high but don’t take too much account into it if it’s a little lower than a different camera that is cheaper. Although mega pixel count is important there are other factors that account for the quality of the image. My sister, for some time, had a photo that was two mega pixels higher than mine and cost hundreds less! It was a point and shoot camera and despite her efforts, her pictures were never what she wanted them to be like.

Having total control over your picture is very important. However, having automatic settings is also very useful for occasions such as when you are not expecting a great photo opportunity to arise.

The lens is very important in choosing a camera. Having a great lens will make the picture look that much better. Having a bad lens will also make the picture look that much worse. Most SLR cameras can either be purchased with a lens or without one. The lens it comes with is usually a standard type that has some zoom capabilities and is generally a good started lens. However, make sure that it is adjustable! Buying an SLR camera without adjustable lenses means that you’ll have to use special adapters if you want to change the optics which can be very annoying and require equipment possibly more expensive than the camera cost!

A good camera should also be durable. If you are a nature photographer and usually trying to get breathtaking shots of snakes then you’re probably going to want a sturdy camera. The camera could be extremely high quality but if it’s built out of wood then it probably won’t last long. Having a sturdy camera that can take the occasional knock to the floor is a good thing (although the knock on the floor isn’t). Make sure you get a good warranty for your camera. The more expensive it is the better a warranty you’ll want.

Wrapping it up, the perfect camera is different for every photographer. It fits each photographers needs individually and has room to grow with the photographer. It is always better to invest more into a camera than to buy what you can only afford at the moment. Save up and get that camera you’ve always wanted. You’ll thank me when you get it and look back remembering that you were about to buy the 5 step lower version.

Submitted by:

Alphonso Sanchez

Al Sanchez has a great program that teaches you how to take better photos. He also teaches people how to sell pictures online.