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Friendship and reunion

Buddy, companion, friend and pal whatever you say it remains the same: In Shakespeare’s words “what’s in a name?” Absolutely it doesn’t matter how we call our friends, by what name; provided we share a bond of love and care with each other.

Friends rock man! And friendship adds color and vigour in life. Without friends, oh God! Life is simply imprisonment. Friendship is the best gift of God on earth. It’s the best possession one can acquire in a lifetime.

Friends have always been an essential part of my life. Infact they form the heart of my life and not only a part of it. Despite that I have always found it very difficult to define friendship. Actually the best things on earth are always best described when they remain undescribed.

Lets try to understand friendship through a story:

Once love and friendship were conversing:
Love: “Why do you exist even when I do?”
Friendship replies: “To put a smile where you have left tears.”

Friendship is the first relation that any child builds without being taught and being aware of. This is a spontaneous urge that every animate object feels. Animals understand this as well and they form herds and live in togetherness. If it is not friendship for them, then it definitely is something even more than that as the herds they form not only symbolizes security but also trust that is inbuilt in the process.

Friendship is the infrastructure of every relationship. It’s said that friendship is the first step of love. Friendship is an unending flow of feelings and emotions-it flourishes in love and gets enhanced into something more ecstatic. It starts from a mere acquaintance but it eclipses every oddity in life and makes you get fastened in the waves of complacency. Everyone needs someone, one who will accept him or her, listen to him or her and let know they are not alone. And this is friendship is all about- holding the hand when you are empty form inside and not standing in the crowd only when you are in joy.

Friends can be of many types, infact nowadays people get to meet their friends in several ways. Nowadays we have mail friends, pen friends, phone friends, chat friends, alumni friends in addition to conventional school friends, college friends and colleagues.
So we go techier everyday and let your lives get enhanced by the increase in the number of friends. Infact its not at all difficult to keep in touch with our friends, neither is it difficult to catch up with the long lost pals! Many attractive and purposeful sites are coming up with the intention to reunite the friends and keep the community of friendship growing with the passing of every new day.

Friendship is hence a lovely experience to add colour to ones life. It’s easy and reliable. Most importantly it’s best when friendship leads to your love life. Latest trend: it’s in vogue to get your life partners from such a big friendship tree structure. That’s unique as here you get to mix with your friends in a better way and because of this free mixing it becomes easier to know a person. Hence accessibility grows and relationship gets new avenues.

Lets only hope that’s friendship grows better everyday with techno ideas and we get best possible means to get back all our lost friends and some new friends to enjoy life to the fullest.

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