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Friendship Day – Bury Old Enmity

Friendship day is celebrated on August 7, every year. It is a day to wish our friends and meet and have fun together. Can we use this day for something else? That is to bury enmity? Please go back to your school days and trace your friends till now. You will find few persons, with who you were good friends, but on the way because of some tiffs or misunderstandings, the friendship turned to enmity. You no longer remained friends after that.

Are you happy about that? The wounds of what happened may still be raw and you may have no desire to make friends with those people again. You might even hate them. Does this help us in our life? Our wounds hurt us most. We stop our growth with negative thoughts and emotions. What if you were friends again? Would you not feel good? Recollect anytime, when you have donated anything to a charity. What did you feel at that time? You felt very good, isn’t it? How about giving friendship in charity to some old friends who have turned enemies?

We have a short life to live. In our life, we collect lot many impressions, and we change as we grow. Sometimes we wistfully look back and feel that something that happened should not have happened. But you cannot turn the clock back. How about becoming friends again. How about forgiving the old friend. How will it feel if you erase the memories of ill feelings towards him/her? You will feel cleansed. You will feel fresh and you will feel inspired. The only thought blocking you would be – how to show the hand of friendship? Why not send a ecard on friendship Day? How about sending a Good Day ecard on that day to that friend, or a Thank You ecard saying thanks for becoming friends again. Or a sorry ecard and bury the old enmity forever? An ecard will save you from the embarrassment of meeting face to face and you will always know how the other person is responding without losing your self-esteem. What do you think?