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Friendship Day- Do You Need Friends?

Friendship day is coming nearer. That makes many of us wonder about our friends and our relation with them. Do you nee friends? If yes, why? Why do you need friends? You have your work, some family members, and entertainment. What else do you need to live comfortably?

Friends- their value

We need friends because we want to share. We need friends because we need somebody who will be there with us when we fall into bad time. We need friends because we want to enjoy being in a group. We hate loneliness and family alone cannot make us feel in a group. For that we need friends. We need friends, because we want to let somebody know about our deepest thoughts, our ideas, and our real emotions. Only a good friend can help us share all these.

Friendship – celebrate it

We take many things for granted in our life. We take air for granted. We take it for granted that the sun will rise again. Similarly we take it for granted that the friendship will never suffer. But that is false. If we don’t water the plant of our friendship regularly, our friendship will suffer and we may create distance with our close friends. We need to value them and value their friendship.

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