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Friendship Test- Do Friends Love Talking To You?

You must be having a large group of friends. You also deal with many people in your job or business. You interact with people at every stage of your life. Do you find that you love talking to one person and avoid talking to another? You must have noticed that. What is the difference between these two persons? Why do you enjoy talking to one of them and avoid talking to another? What about yourself? Have you thought about that?

We enjoy talking to people who have the following qualities –

Listening – Good communicators are good listeners. We all want to be heard without interruption. If you listen to your friends with attention, you will gain big popularity. Listen to them carefully, ask them few questions in between, and let them feel that you are interested in knowing about what they are talking.

Smiling Face – Good communicators don’t frown easily. They keep a smile on their face and show genuine happiness talking to you. There is nothing phony there and they genuinely feel good talking to you.

Understanding – If you speak to a friend of yours and realizes that he/she does not understand at all, what would you do? You would avoid talking in future, because you have doubts about the grasping power of the listener.

No criticism – A good listener will listen without giving his/her own inputs in between and listen to everything without expressing any criticism. Even if he/she disagrees totally, they will show that indirectly but never criticize. Do you have these qualities? If yes, your friends would love talking to you.

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