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Goals- They Can Fight Depression

Depression is a small word but those who suffer from depression hate the very feeling. The life becomes a living hell for a depressed person. Nothing feels good. Nothing gives joy. One thinks of negatives. Anxieties attack from time to time and many times a depressed person stops caring about anything including life. It is indeed a very bad problem and with modernization, it is increasing. Doctors try their best to treat a depressed person with counseling and medicines, but what can a depressed person do to help himself or herself? Goals in life can help them. Let us examine.

A human being is a goal-oriented animal. The mind needs a focus to target. Without a focus, the mind wanders around. Achieving goals gives a sense of self-esteem and satisfaction. This cannot be obtained anywhere else. To feel good because we have done something creditworthy is a great medicine. It elevates our mind. It gives us new vigor and new joy. When we feel good about ourselves and get assured about our abilities, it removes negativities from the mind. That helps fight depression to a great extent.

One of the causes of depression is less self-respect. A depressed person generally thinks of himself or herself as useless. When the same person begins setting goals and achieves them, that sense of low self-respect goes away. This gives rise to self-esteem, which is important in fighting depression. The question is how to set goals that help?

Do not set very high goals. If you fail to achieve them, you will feel worse. Try to set small goals that are achievable. After setting these goals, write them and keep the paper with you most of the times. From time to time, read the goals again and keep planning and implementing strategies to achieve the goals. As you begin achieving the goals, you will begin feeling good.

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