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God Exists Brighter than the Sunshine

God’s existence had created enormous arguments among philosophers, scientists and other thinkers or believers. Some of these arguments questioned the necessity of having a god. So do we really need a god? First, we should tackle what is god and who is god or gods. There are many different definitions of a god or gods as there were many different religions and beliefs that existed in our world since the ancient time until the present. But obviously, the common characteristics of a god are his mighty powers and his supreme ability to create. Christians, Muslims, Hindus and other religions believe in a god or gods who created the universe, the heaven and the earth. God is described as the mighty creator who is perfectly benevolent and just. Although religions specifically had different gods, we will discuss the typical god with his power, kindness, justice and creativity. Therefore all religions and believers of god should unify sometime for this article for a god is so necessary for religions to exist. As contrary to this, atheists and materialists don’t believe in the existence of god, so as the necessity of having a god. The necessity of having a god who truly exists has something to do with men’s faith. Faith is the belief on things which we don’t see. It is the strong trust and confidence that people give to their gods and religions. Faith also parallels trustworthy and power. A perfect being like god who is also perfectly trustworthy and powerful deserves perfect faith from men. Faith saves lives and souls. Faith heals illness, overcomes fears and contributes success. Without a god who is perfect, faith would be weak. Without god who is our divine creator, there would be no heaven and earth. So, why a god becomes unnecessary? In fact, god is the most necessary being that exists.

Now, if god really exists and indeed he is the truth who created heaven and earth; then he is really the most significant being in the existence. God is universal and proving his existence means exhibiting a universal proof. So was it really evolution or divine creation which brings everything in place? Was it the Big Bang or again god’s creation which cause the universe? Did we really come from ape or from Adam and Eve? These are some of the popular arguments which are related to the question on the existence of god. If the theory of evolution is true then why are humans evolved extraordinarily far from other species besides the fact that humans are even considered the newest and the latest species that existed in this planet? The reason would be that we humans are created specially by an intelligent creator. Men were the last species yet the highest and most rational species created by god. The Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens did not become humans but became extinct. God created humans distinctively and distinguishable from animals by giving them the wisdom they would need to fulfill his will. The universe did not come from the Big Bang and definitely it is not infinite as many scientists believe. Everything that can be seen is temporary but everything that cannot be seen is eternal. The universe is temporary and what are eternal are the unseen things, which are the spirits. The universe was created by god to expand the humans and the earth. We did not come from monkeys but we from god. So why be confused if what really came first, the chicken or the egg? Of course it is the chicken reasonably because God created the chicken first than the eggs.

God is true and he exists deeply, highly and clearly. If you look at everything around us, then you will realize that everything was designed intelligently. We exist not by accidents but by reasons. We are created with a very high logic that no humans possessed. If you look at yourself on a mirror then you will find that your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and even your hair are in place. Your hairs are placed on the top of your head to protect it from the heat of the sun above and from the falling rain. God created everything not only with a great intelligence but also with great love and tender care. He made us soft buttocks so we can sit comfortably. He also gave us tears to cool our eyes when we feel so much sadness. Why would we forcefully pursue that physics will answer the existence of everything if there is metaphysics which is philosophically higher and deeper than physics? It is now the time for us to move to the higher science which is the science of god and leave the science of men which is full of unproved theories. Let us focus on the spiritual things which are true and forever.

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