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Having Hope In God

I had never been particularly interested in religion especially after my schooldays when it was rammed down my throat – it just seemed so boring and unreal with so many rules and regulations that to me it was just something for “sad” people living their sad and pathetic lives.

I’d heard of stories where people had had “amazing experiences” and apart from thinking what liars they were I also felt that they should be locked away in mental institutions to protect the rest of us sane people from their delusions.

Well, I became one of these people just under three years ago after the most amazing experience that I would never have believed if someone else had told me it had happened to them. My family and friends can vouch for this because they have seen the change in my life over the last three years so it can’t be dismissed as just a “flash in the pan”

I went from living on my own and quickly drinking and smoking myself to death to a guy that was reunited with his wife and family and has never had the urge to touch a drink or a cigarette since.

I had been on an Alpha course (a 12 week informal course that discusses who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about) a couple of years before and although that had been fun I had done nothing further – it was only when I was so desperate and at the end of the road that I remembered the course I’d been on and just yelled out to God in sheer desperation rather than in any form of hope or expectation that HE would actually do anything for me – the result of this was however instant and I don’t know why I was so blessed.

Life is just so brilliant now and I feel that this peace, happiness and pure inner contentment that I have on a daily basis is so wonderful and couldn’t even be compared to having monetary riches beyond your wildest dreams that I just wanted to share this with the rest of mankind.

The book I wrote will show you what I did, what is on offer to you all and that there are no silly rules and regulations which were MAN MADE and nothing whatsoever to do with God.

Why not just have a look for yourself – you’ve nothing to lose and truly, what you may gain is priceless – you can then do the same for others – what a legacy that would be.

A recent testimonial, exerts of which are included below, show just why I want this book to reach and touch people who are looking for what I’ve found.

I LAVISHED your book. My life was in shambles; my wife had divorced me and tonight I was in such a state of despair that I had rung my Mother to tell her that suicide was my only option – after reading your book I have a peace about me that I have not had since I was 19 and I’m 56 now. Thank you thank you for allowing God to speak through you to me – I now feel a complete relief from all the pain and misery I have known for the past 37 years and I thank you for saving my life – actually GOD SAVED MY LIFE but you threw me the life preserver – may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

Roy Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia –

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