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Honeymoons For Nature Lovers

In the twenty-first century, more and more people are beginning to try vacations that bring them closer to nature, and honeymooners are no exception. The type of honeymoon you choose, of course, is entirely dependent on the type of outdoors person you are. Just because you do not like to camp in a tent does not mean that you can’t enjoy some incredible natural sights on your honeymoon. In fact, I would not recommend tenting on your honeymoon at all; it lend itself to a certain lack of privacy and that privacy is very important when it comes to getting to know each other in the days after your marriage. Instead, I would suggest staying at a hotel and looking around for different sights that can bring you closer to nature in a day trip. Here are some suggestions that I have based on information from other people. Each is somewhat specific to location, but perhaps you can come up with some similar ideas for your own honeymoon.

Hawaii is one of the top honeymoon destinations, and it is also rife with opportunities for the nature loving couple. A tour of an active volcano is a once in a lifetime experience that both individuals are bound to enjoy. For something truly unique, try going diving with manta rays off of Kauau’i- you go at night, when the rays feed, and there is nothing quite like the sight of a fish that is fifteen feet across coming spiraling up at you in the glow of the boat lights. Both of these tours may make some people nervous, and it is essential to remember that the guides are experts, experienced and well versed in the safety of the operation.

Many coastal and island destinations offer great opportunities for nature lovers on their honeymoons. Various companies will offer opportunities to go scuba diving in areas like Australia or the Caribbean. On the West Coast, from British Columbia to California, there are also many opportunities to go out whale watching in the summer. If you are on a winter honeymoon, nothing quite beats the impressive power of nature like a winter ocean storm, something that can be witnessed from the shelter of numerous locations along Long Beach including Tofino and Ucluelet.

Land bound destinations can also offer wonderful opportunities for nature lovers. The main draw of Niagara Falls, of course, is the beauty of the falls and the ability to get up close. Why not try a whitewater rafting trip or organized hike?

Even areas that appear barren aside from city attractions may offer exciting natural opportunities. Las Vegas has some of the most unique natural scenery in the world, for those who want to get out of the city for a day trip through the Nevada desert. Utah has some of the most incredible rock formations and biking trails in North America.

No matter your destination or time of year, the odds are that with a little thought you will be able to find a honeymoon that has just the right amount of nature in it for you. The wonders of nature are available year round, and enjoying it with your new spouse is something that will help bring you closer together and give you memories that will last forever.

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