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How betrayed lovers can carry on?

Love gives life and a break up takes away a life. Why a lover can not live normally after a bad break up? What if one also feels betrayed after the breakup? These questions are as ancient as the civilization.

Exploring romantic love –

Let us explore some more about romantic love and break ups. A person who becomes totally involved with love loses his/her identity. The whole being revolves around the love. All the ambitions, all desires, all pains, everything in life gets related to love. Such lovers feel destroyed after the break up. If love is only a part of life one can survive easily after the break up. But will any poet call such kind of love as true love? The definition of true love means you give your self totally away to your beloved. You dream, eat, enjoy, and cry, laugh, work, what ever you do is all centered around your beloved. You live in that love. And hence you die once you are betrayed. If you are in true
romantic love, you can not live for a day without your lover, hence it becomes impossible to live for a life time. The pain of separation and of betrayal becomes so bad, that the sadness kills the essence of living.

Betrayal –

For those who have been betrayed in love, it becomes impossible to understand about how their lover could betray them? It is like a child stabbing the mother. Imagine the pain of the mother who brought up her child with nothing but love, care and took every pain to see that her child was
happy. The betrayed lover feels something similar and even more. So what is to be done?

Remedy –

Is their any remedy for such people? Turn to God for help. Pray. Look at the most suffering section of the society, such as children suffering from cancer and try to do something to help them. Find out those who are facing unimaginable hardships and do something to make their life better. Take your thoughts away from your own pain and look at others undergoing much worse pain. Contribute in someway to help this world become a better place. That is the answer for betrayal and a bad break up.

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