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How to conduct a relaxing positive self talk session through preparatory relaxation exercises

Is it that important if I am relaxing during my self-talk session?

It may not be the most important thing about your session but it is certainly one of them. It is best to know how to set up your self-talk “station” to make yourself relaxed and comfortable as you conduct your session. These relaxation exercises will prepare you both for the positive self-talk process and to be more receptive to the suggestions you are giving yourself.

How do I conduct these relaxation exercises?

To begin these relaxation exercises it is very important to find a location where you can be certain that you will not be disturbed. If it is possible, it is also best to lock your door. Try to choose a time to conduct your relaxation exercises when there is very little external noise to distract you. If you live in a noisy or busy area or if the only time you have in which to conduct your exercises is likely to be a very loud or active one, you will want to invest in earplugs to help reduce external distraction. It is also best to choose a time when you know you will not be too tired to focus or indeed too worried to focus. Try to choose a time when you will not have a whole list of household chores or jobs lined up and waiting for you immediately after you are done. It is best to choose a time when your mind will be as clear as possible, and because of this it would be ideal for your relaxation times if you were able to take some time before them to just clear your mind and settle in.

Begin by arranging yourself comfortably on a soft but supportive surface such as a sofa or even a bed. Some people actually find that these locations are not conducive to relaxation since it makes them think of sleep, or relax too much, so they do better if they arrange themselves on the floor supported by a soft rug. It is best if the subject experiment with a variety of surfaces and locations before determining what best suits a personal need. Sometimes a flat pad or firm cushion or pillow can also be helpful in being settled.

At what time you are sure that you have chosen the position that will offer you the greatest comfort and support available, lie down flat on your back with your arms resting on the floor at your sides, but not touching your body. Look up at the ceiling, and be careful that you do not stare but just allow your eyes to relax, and even to wander a little if that is what feels most natural to you when conducting this relaxation exercise. Give yourself time to breathe in and out in a relaxing and regulated fashion. Do not rush breaths or force them, but simply find the rate of breathing that is most comfortable in your position and maintain it.

As you practice your relaxation techniques, it is also helpful to practice your positive self-talk technique. As you begin to relax and settle in, encourage yourself by speaking in a level tone phrases like the following:

“It will take some time and patience for me to properly learn this relaxation technique. It will take some time for me to become very good at this, but I have the patience and desire to accomplish it.”
“I am going to master this relaxation technique.”
“I am going to convince my body to work for me. I will be able to improve my outlook on life by mastering this relaxation technique.”

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