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How to Dance Salsa

Salsa is now wide spread, and everywhere around the globe it continues to gain popularity by the droves. If someone wishes to learn and to attain a degree of expertise in salsa, then lot of hard work is required. For a beginner level salsa dancer, and also for experienced people a good recommendation would be to keep improvising on it. The regular intake of lessons will help us to improve our dancing and be admired by all our friends.

Salsa basically has origins in Cuba and consists of combinations, turns and patterns. This though can be learned in the privacy of our home, but requires dedication. With no regards to our age, shape or size of our physique, dancing is a best way to burn calories and keep you healthy
The Miami style of salsa dancing consists of the basic dance steps including the salsa stance, side and back rocks, small quick turns, cross body leadings, what is popularly called The Adios, then outside turns, the enchufla y dame or instead simply An enchufla and more.

Small Stepwise descriptions:
1. Get into a position where you are facing your facing. Now placing the right hand on your partners waist, around the back, grasping the partner’s right hand.
2. According to beats step forward starting with left foot, with your partner mirroring your steps backward.
3. For second beat repeat with right foot.
4. Now mirror same steps like the above but backwards.
5. Now it’s such that after 6th step, the seventh step you will be in now in starting position.
This is a very basic description of how to do jazz. Hope you enjoy learning more.

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