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How to know if she is the Right Girl for You

It is great to have a long term relationship even if this is very difficult to sustain. It supposes a lot of sacrifices from both partners. Maybe you have met a wonderful girl a long time ago and you still have a relationship with her because you were able to make all the sacrifices and changes that needed, to make this work. But have you ever wondered if she is the right girl for you?

Many couples after years of relationship break up because they find out that they are not compatible. Worst, sometimes couples that are married get divorce because they are not suitable with each other and didn’t realize this earlier. So, if you are in a relationship right now stop for a second and analyze your relationship, your girlfriend and see if this is what you really want and if she is the right girl for you, until it’s not too late.

Even if your relationship works well, you have to think if she is the right girl for you, the one with whom you want to spend all your life. How do you if she is the right one? Here are some things that might help you:

– makes you feel more happy, makes you smile more, help you every time you needed, it is a person you can trust on, someone you see you can have a future with

-she is focused on you, you are definitely not on the second place in her life

-she loves you, you can see this from her attitude; observe the way she looks at you and treats you everyday, how she speaks with you, if she is glad when you are making a surprise to her; she has to love you for who you are and not for who you try to be

-eye contact it is also very important, so watch out because if she doesn’t have the courage to look directly in your eyes when you talk with her, something is wrong there; she might hiding something and then she is not the right girl for you

-she has to be smart, intelligent; this is a kind of woman who wont let you get bored, because will constantly surprise you; also it is nice to have someone with whom you can talk about everything

-it is very important to be sexually compatible with you; this means that has to exist that undeniable attraction between you two, and you are able to communicate your desires verbally; you have to please each other in the bedroom

-she has to have patience in your relationship; so test her; if she asks you to take her out to dinner tell her that now it is not possible because you don’t have money so she has to wait until the salary day; see how she is reacting; if she understands you means that she loves you, if not and gets angry means that she stay with you only for your money so you better get rid of her

-is she beautiful? This doesn’t mean that she has to be miss beauty, just someone who wants to look good for you and for herself, try always to look her best, someone who you can be proud to be with; if she has just some beautiful parts that you like, this is ok

-she likes you the way you are; she doesn’t try to control you, doesn’t insist to give up your nights out with guys; she allows you to be yourself; she may suggest you a new sweater, but she is not critical on every aspect of the way you live

-she respects you; this means that she would never cause scenes in public in front of your family and friends and wait to discuss matters with you in private; also she is able to listen your opinion even if she doesn’t agree with what you say

-she is willing to do sacrifices for you; she is willing to move your furniture if it has too, wants to meet your friends, and she is wiling to try new things that you ask her even if she never do that again

-she has to have her own personality and opinions; to be able to enjoy time away from you, while still missing you; an independent woman is all you need

-she is able to make efforts for you, to get along with the most important people from your life: like your mom, dad, brothers, sisters and also friends

-you like the way she handles things; you like the way she sees the world, how she thinks, and her thoughts actually interest you

-she is friendly, respectfully, exactly how you like; you like the way she treats other people, is kind with strangers, animals

Now, all you have to do is to think if your girlfriend meets some of these requirements and to decide if she is the right girl for you.

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