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How To Make A Relationship Last?

For a relationship to last, there are few basic requirements. The rapidity with which relationships are breaking in the modern days is a matter of concern and we should try to find out how to make a relationship that lasts for a long time. The major factors that affect the survival of a relationship are as below –

Selection Of Partner – Sometimes, our selection of partner may be wrong. We may have nothing in common and our values and goals may be very different. With bad selection from the beginning, no relationship can survive for long. One of the main reasons of wrong partner selection may be hurry in selection of partner and inattention to the true nature of the selected partner.

Communication – bad communication is another reason for break ups. Partners are unable to tell about true feelings to each other for many reasons including fear of conflict. Sometimes, non-verbal communication is made which fails in sending the message.

Expectations – High expectations in a relationship is another reason. We expect that after we fall in to a relationship, we will become happy, satisfied and feel good at all the times. That does not happen. This creates frustration and leads to blame on the relationship.

Sustaining relationships is difficult. It gives joy, but demand lot of efforts. Relationship is no solution to all our life problems. Sometimes it creates its own problems. For a relationship that lasts, we have to take care of all the aspects of the relationship.

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