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How to make better friendships for a successful life?

Success in life depends on many factors. Relationship is one of them. Do successful people have better friendships? Is their any relation between art of making friends and success? How to make friends who remain for a lifetime?

What is success?

Everyone of us has his/her own definition of success. An artist feels successful after creating a beautiful painting and a business person feels successful if the business makes profits. Each of us has his/her own parameters that decide success in our life. How do our friendships affect our success?

Happiness and success?

A successful person is essentially a happy person. Happiness means – to feel satisfied with life in most of the ways and to maintain a state of mind that is contented. Our friendships are part of our life. If we want to succeed, we will also have an art of making good friends and keep friendships strong through-out our life.

Maintaining friendships. How?

How to maintain friendships that last? The art is in giving rather than expecting. Share your friends’ worries, concerns and happiness. Join them on all occasions that are important to them. Congratulate them at every success, express empathy at every loss and share joy at every success or any enjoyable occasion.

The role of Internet in keeping contacts-

In the earlier times, when the internet was not there, talking on telephones, sending letters and meeting personally were the preferred methods of keeping in touch. After the advent of Internet, emailing and chat are slowly replacing these earlier ways.

How to make more impact?

Would you prefer to send a one line congratulations mail to your friends on their birthdays, their anniversary, their promotion and all such other occasion when they are feeling special? What if you search the net and select an ecard or greeting card and send it? Does it make a difference? It surely does. It tells your friend that you took some effort in sending a message. Stop sending plain emails and start sending ecards to connect with your friends on days and occassion that are special. You will find the differenece in quality of relationship very soon.

Try it.