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How to Manifest a Financial Breakthrough

So you are tired of your financial circumstances and you now have the desire to manifest more money and greater wealth. Well I am about to tell you something that you may not know. Manifesting more money is easy once you know a few secrets and get started on them immediately.

The first step to a financial breakthrough is to get out of your own way and your own thoughts. Miracles can only happen the moment you step aside. Just for a few days I beg you to just simple not care. Sure you care but really what I am asking you to do is to let go of the worry. Have you heard the saying “let go and let god?” Most likely you have, as most of us have heard that statement but there is no other time to practice it as when you desire to manifest more money.

The second step is to realize that you have placed money above you. Yes you have. You have titled money master of your domain and ruler of all. You do lots of things you hate to do all for the sake of worthless paper. Even worst you believe that money is needed in order for you to manifest what you want. I hate to disappoint you but you don’t need money to get a darn thing. Let me repeat that you don’t need money to get what you want from life.

The third step requires that you close your eyes and begin to feel and experience what it is that you want to do with the money. Lock yourself away inside of yourself while experiencing that thing you desire in your mind. Be creative about this step and ask that thing, “what does it take to have you?” It does not matter if that thing is an object or a bill, talk to it all the same bring life to it. Then for a moment listen. Simply listen as you are told exactly what is needed in order to get it. Listen as you are told where to go, what to do, how to do it but above all listen, then write it down.

The forth step requires that you trust what you are told to do and do nothing else but that thing. Do not hesitate, do not pass go, do not collect your two hundred dollars just take only the action that you were advised to do. If only life were like a game of Monopoly!!
Actually it is and if you notice the best players are the most trusting players. They take changes they are not afraid to loss yet they always win. You can apply all these steps to any manifesting program to achieve whatever you want if only you trust.

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