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How to Manifest What you Want by Mentally Connecting With Others

Spiritual teaches have long said that we are all connected and our thoughts not only influence us personally but they influence everything in our world. If you think of a thought as a pebble dropped in the ocean the waves that it creates on the surface of the water is exactly the same wave pattern that our thoughts create in the physical world around us. We cannot help but influence each others one way or another. The problem is how do we use this knowledge to connect and influence others to manifest what we want from our lives.

The ability of our thought to influence others have been tested and researched for several years. This knowledge is used in almost every advertising campaign run by big businesses. Sales people use it to attract great sales and increase their business’s visibility and appeal. The results are remarkably outstanding. Someone can easily manifest a 300% increase in profits by using their mental influence in a certain way to manifest large amounts of customers to their business.

People who understand this knowledge use it to enhance their dying or failed relationships. The powerful influence of thoughts on our present life is outstanding. You can literally have strangers willing to give and do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Can you see the advantage of mastering this ability.

–Step #1 —
One of the first things you can learn to do is to familiarize yourself with your own inner space. The most familiar you become with your own internal patter of thoughts the faster you can learn to control it and project it to direct influence your external reality.

—Step #2 —
The second step is to learn to become still and to listen. Listening is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques you can master. The more you listen to yourself and others the better your ability to see the influence that is being directed in and around you.

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