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How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Let’s admit it. Long distance relationships are far from easy. It is a sacrifice. You have to be able to transcend the loneliness caused by the distance and the paranioa caused by knowing he’s so far away. And you should bear with the things that compose long distance relationships. Once you have decided to get into it, and decided to never let go of each other despite the distance between you and your partner, then congratulate yourself as it takes a great amount of maturity to be able to face this “struggle”.

Long distance relationships are full of twists and turns. You have to be patient in waiting for the time when you and your partner will meet again. You will spend most of your time missing him or her, wondering what he or she’s been doing right that very moment. Spend memorable events in your lives without him or her beside you, thinking and worrying about the never ending “what ifs”. As I have said, Long distance relationships are never easy. But mind you, if both of you gets through the blocks, then it is all worth it. Once the moment came when you will see each other again, the pains are just distant memory. But once again, the pain of saying bye-bye time is still there.

In most cases where lovers stick to long distance relationships, the sweetness of each moments being shared are amazing. Some of the people I knew that have been to long distance relationships are now blissfully living together. One of them got married just a few weeks from now. The girl spent her college days in Michigan, and her fiancée is working in New Jersey. So they only have the chance to be in each other’s arms during occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring breaks, and summer. Yet, look at them now. They are now married, working together in the same city and now planning to have a baby.

There are important factors in maintaining healthy long distance relationships:
First and foremost, both partners involved in long distance relationships should have mutual feelings to each other. That’s the very basic. Because long distance relationships won’t work if the two of you are not greatly inlove, you will just be fooling yourselves.

And of course, love comes together with commitment. Both of you should be committed with each other, that you will be bonded by the love you have disregarding the distance between you and your partner and whatever the struggles may come.

Trust and faith also comes together as the third factor and also the most important. Distance between each other may cause you to worry so much. It brought unhealthy and depressing thoughts about your partner. But once you have trust and faith, long distance relationships will never be wasted.

Lastly, both of you should be mature enough to handle long distance relationships. Long distance relationships won’t work with people who are childish. It will just drive your partner crazy.

Albeit long distance relationships are as good as dreams, people who have gone through it have their own interesting stories to share. And most of them have succeeded the hardships of being involved in long distance relationships. It only proves that if they can do it, why can’t you? You will discover that long distance relationships are even more advantageous and exciting than the usual relationship where you get to see your partner any time you want. Remember the saying, absence makes the heart go fonder? It is true indeed for people who get involved in long distance relationships. Just bear in mind the factors that both of you should possess, and everything will be all right.

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