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Curious? Do A Bible Search!

As a seminary student, I am always looking for more information about the Bible. As I study to become a pastor for other people, it is extremely important that I learn all I can about the Bible and that I utilize all of the resources that are available to me. I had never heard of a Bible search until recently, but doing them has radically changed my ability to learn and process information about the Bible.

What I love about studying the Bible is that I am always curious and hungry to learn more. I am a firm believer that people should spend their lives doing things of value that they deeply enjoy. So when the change came for me to further my education with seminary I jumped at it. Just a few months into my classes, the Bible search tools that I have been taught have by far been the most valuable source of new knowledge that I have discovered.

Are you curious to learn more about the Bible? Perhaps you are taking a Bible class or are just wanting to learn for your own benefit. It doesn’t matter why you want to know more, it simply matters that you can know more by doing a Bible search or two on the information you are seeking. I love that a Bible search can both satisfy my curiousity and yet leave me desiring more knowledge. What a great thing!

A Bible search can happen in many ways. There are many great tools to be used, but by far some of the best can be found in libraries, at bookshops, or even on the internet. Basically, a Bible search is done whenever a learner uses tools to try to gain more knowledge about a particular passage or theme in Scripture. The Bible search doesn’t have to be official, it simply has to be helpful in teaching you more about the Bible.

If you are curious about learning more about a Bible search tool or two, find someone to talk with. This may mean talking with a pastor or setting up a time to meet with a Bible professor at a local college. Do whatever you can to be proactive about doing a Bible search to do more. You will be so glad that you did and the knowledge you learn will be the most helpful thing in the world for you and your future.

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