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Importance And Benefits Of Ardha Chandrasana

Life teaches us lot of things and yoga learns lot from life. It derives its inspiration from the basic nature of life which is in various forms such as human, animals, plants, tress, earth, sun and moon. For instance this asanas other name is derived from the Moon. In English this asana would mean Half Moon Pose. The Moon from which the name is derived is an important part of our life. It touches each individual it in its own manner.

Apparently Hatha yoga talks about sun and moon which are two extreme power houses of human body. So by doing this asana it makes it more important to raise those energies and use it for the benefit of your body. This energy might be in useful for our tired bodies. The solar and lunar energy force works together for benefiting your body.

Stretching is very significant in every asana and this asana is no different. While doing Ardha Chandrasana it becomes very important to keep in mind that many may not be able to do this asana with a stiff body. You can use some accessories like yoga block to give you support, which can be used between the ground and your hand. To avoid your leg from slipping you can also use the wall as a support.

You start off this asana by performing the Utthita Trikonasana. This helps to begin your asana and provide you all the necessary benefits you can draw from this asana. By doing this asana it helps in creating a sense of a balance. Your concentration and coordination also improves greatly which is very healthy in times of urgency and emergency.

Due to this asana your fitness level increases as it stretches all the required muscles in your body to make you more agile and healthy. The joint problems which you have been suffering from ages will be cured and can be easily brought under control. By doing this asana there will be less pain and more of freedom from all the restless nights of pain. Your muscles are also strengthened as the tilt helps your asana.

Arthritis pain also improves as it helps when you keep your legs straight helping them immensely. It is also very useful for your groins and hamstring as it stretches every muscle of that part, making it more functional and more efficient. Your digestion also improves due to this pose. It helps in relieving stress and creates an easy balance in life.

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