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Improve Self Confidence By Being More Care Free

Many people in life feel that they have a lack of confidence or that they have a low self esteem. In this article, I give free tips on how to imporove your self-confidence and how to increase your self-esteem. I myself have managed to change my whole life by using the information below which I am going to share with you. I hope it also proves beneficial for you.

I am Stephen Hill from Birmingham in England. I was always somebody who had many confidence issues as I grew up, from a child, through to adulthood. I would feel very sorry for myself and would often be down and depressed. The issues that I had in my life were:

A bald patch the size of a ten pence piece on my head

A problem with my speech known as a stutter

A weight problem, I was quite fat for my height

I am quite short for a male at five-foot-four

Certain people would take the mickey out of me, and their comments would hurt. I would always make sure they did not see my anger but inside I was crying.

These people were making my life a misery and by the age of twenty-two I had had enough. I decided I needed a big change in attitude and started to read books about life and about positive thinking etc.

These were the things I had to take on board:

It is not important what other people think of you, it is what you think that counts

You need to start to like yourself

There are various things about your person, you do not like but which you can not change. You therefore have to start accepting these things and realising that maybe there are other people in life who are more unfortunate than you.

You need to have respect for yourself

Do not accept second best in life

Be happy

Learn to relax

Treat yourself to some pleasures. Like a regular massage or reflexology

The above tips helped me to become more positive and happier in life.

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