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Improve Your Life With Meditation And Manage Your Stress

Certain pressures are part and parcel of the modern materialistic civilization. Perhaps you can not avoid them. But there are certain types of situations, which can be managed without pressure. By mishandling those situations, and many times with imaginary fears, you build a fence around you and lock yourself within the fence, throw the key of the lock somewhere, and blame others for your plight! You lose your peace of mind and blame others for it. Remember the fox that says grapes are sour, when it is unable to get at its height!

Meditation is supposed to bring peace to your agitated mind. But your authentic question is how to do meditation? Your each day is filled with many a stressful activities, one after another!

Take a beautiful example. Have you seen the lotus in a pond? Where it is born? In the depths of the pond, where there is nothing but slush and mud. Where does it grow and ultimately bloom? In the very same pond. Do you see mud on its petals? Not even a grain. Not even a drop of pond water can sustain on it. With whom does it maintain the contact? With the glorious, sparkling sun high above, with the sunrise, its petals open. With the sunset, its petals close. It has nothing to do with any other disturbance in any other part of the pond or the world!

Its existence is for the sun. Its concentration is for the sun! That is the way of meditation for the lotus!

Meditation is what it gives you. You know, mind by itself has no existence as such. It is a complicated group of thoughts. Some thoughts are good. Some thoughts are bad. Each thought emits vibration, positive or negative. When the power of the negative thoughts is more, you have stress.

At such a time, you take recourse to meditation, its first hammers quietly the power of the negative vibrations. Those vibrations lose their destructive power and accept the domain of the positive vibrations. You become more and more peaceful.

The very same negative emotions are responsible for various types of diseases, mental as well as physical. Remember, diseases are first born in the mind. After some time, they find expression in the physical body.

Now, you can find a rare agreement between the spiritualists and the scientists all over the world. Meditation helps to tackle effectively the problems of physical and well as mental levels. The individual, who does meditation regularly, will not have stress at all!

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