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Is He Just A Friend Or He Loves You?

This is a common situation. You know many men. Some of them are friends. Out of them one wants to be more than a friend with you. But he does not know how to tell you that? Are there any signs that will tell you that he is interested in you? Let us try to find out.

Friends always talk to each other freely. They laugh, make fun of each other and occasionally speak with each other in not a very civil way. If that man is interested in you, he will do none of this. Forget talking freely, he will find it difficult to speak to you. You will sometimes catch him looking at you intently, but as soon as you turn towards him, he will turn away. He would never make it obvious that he was watching you. If any time some body makes fun of you, you will find everybody joining the fun, but not this man. He would rather look at the fun maker with anger. If any time you knock yourself against any object, others may ignore that, but not your hero. He will surely come and ask you if he can help.

Being in love and being a friend are two different things. Friendship is devoid of romantic love. There is no place for passion in friendship. Friends share everything without any need of protection. Friends are not bothered if they show their wilder side to other friends. Rather they love that. Friends don’t talk with each other in hushed tone and never feel shy of each other. Friends don’t care about what they wear amongst friends. Friends are more like a group of like – minded people who enjoy each other’s togetherness and behave more like siblings.

Romantic love stands at the other extreme. You will never catch a lover wearing something that can be commented upon negatively. A romantic lover does everything with a single objective – please his/her beloved. You will not find a romantic lover speaking the way friends do. Romantic lovers are not very open with each other and feel shy of each other’s presence. The flies in the stomach of a romantic lover when he/she looks at the beloved make all the difference.

Now you know what signs to look for in a friend and find out if he thinks of you as a friend or his object of love.

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