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Is Seminary Right For You?

If you are anything like me, then it is likely that the word ‘seminary’ is a bit intimidating. It sounds like an ultra-academic, only for really religious people kind of environment. However, if you feel like seminary might be the next step in your educational process, then there are a few things you should consider before you let the idea of seminary turn you off.

Seminary can be a great place for people to spend a few years studying and growing personally and relationally. At the most basic level, seminary is a place for people to gather who want to study Christian ministry of some kind. Seminary is typically for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree and who want to pursue a master’s degree in a variety of fields relating to ministry. Do you fit the picture so far? Have you completed your undergraduate degree or are you about to graduate from a university? Having an undergrad degree is the first step to take if you think seminary might be in the picture for you someday.

If you have an undergraduate degree completed, consider what your personal and professional goals are. If you hope to work in a Christian ministry, do you know what area of ministry suits your gifts and goals? The most typical degree that is earned at a seminary is called a Master of Divinity. This degree is most commonly earned by people who desire to pastor a church, though it can be more general in focus to include those simply wanting more knowledge for personal than professional reasons. Some seminaries also offer programs that relate to more specific areas of ministry such as youth ministry, women’s ministry, or counseling. Take some time to research a seminary near you and learn more about what they offer.

When making the important decision about if seminary is right for you, there is no reason to rush. Do an internet search and make a list of potential schools that interest you. Make phone calls and see if you can speak with current seminary students at each school. Try to narrow in on the kind of ministry that seems to fit you best and then only consider a seminary that offers that program.

If, after some research, it seems that seminary is the direction you want to head, then the process of choosing a seminary becomes similar to choosing a college for undergraduate work. Do not hesitate to make a personal visit to the seminary and gather all of the information you need. Deciding to attend seminary can be an exciting thing to do, however, choosing the right seminary for you should be just as important and exciting. Enjoy the process and good luck as you embark on the journey that seminary can be.

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