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It All Starts With a Decision

Greetings Self Help Reader,

Decisons are powerful. Doing the right thing or the wrong thing all starts from a decision. We think about things and thoughts are poweful but actions do not occur until we decide that they do. We make good decisons and bad decisons. Productive and unproductive ones. The great thing about it is we can take precautions to prevent against making bad decisions.

Great decision makers have great decision makers as friends. They ask the advice of those who have been where they hope to be. It is similar to a person who is lost in a car they would be wise to ask someone for directions to where they are going. In the same way, if you do not know if you are making a good decison ask somone who can give you direction. If you want to be a positive person you should make a decision to have positive friends. They can give you positive advice and you can learn how to be a positive person from simply being around them. So hanging around positive people is a great precaution against being negative.

You must decide to be a positive person or you will be be a negative one. Realize the power of your decisions. The madness of Hitler and Charles Manson began with the horrible decisions they made. Lance Armstrong beat cancer with divine intervention and the decision not to give up riding. What decisions will you make? You can decide to be a positive person. The positive decisions that you make in your life will snowball and snowball and eventually turn you into a super positive person.

Much continued positive attitude success,

The creator of “Positive Attitude Secrets”

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