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Left To God

God. Many of us at times, become very helpless about a problem and leave the work to God. Let God do whatever He wants now. I am out of this. I cannot do anything anymore. I leave this to God. This happens many times in our life when we feel helpless. Talk to a terminal cancer patient who has given up all the hopes, and you will hear only about God. Am I correct?

We also leave many others to God. Sometimes knowingly and many more times, without any knowledge. Let me elaborate. There is so much misery in the world, so much poverty and sickness. A majority of us have left these suffering people to God. Am I making sense? We make no effort to help. This is what I meant by saying unknowingly. We are not bad, but we are so overwhelmed with our own life and have become so immune to misery around us that we make no effort to help these people, but leave them to God. Some of us don’t take this attitude, but try and do whatever we can. Like Mother Teresa did. Such people become saints.

Now let us talk of something very cruel. How can leaving someone to God be cruel? This sounds contradictory. But this happens. Let us see how. A mother leaving her new born child on the street corner. Why? She never wanted the child. She does not know what to tell the world about the child. She has prestige to keep in society. She has her own problems. So what can she do? She leaves the helpless child to God. Oh, Lord, In all your mercy, please take care of my child. I leave my child to you. And she walks away acting as if nothing happened. How do you look at this?

Why did she sacrifice a newborn to her false sense of prestige? Why did she give society more importance than her helpless child? Why did she want to keep this facade of truth? Did she make God happy with her action? What do you call this. If this is not cruel, then what else is this?

Why did she not pray to God – Oh, God, I have this lovely child. I don’t know how to bring up this child. I don’t know what to tell my relatives about this child. I don’t know how to face many problems that will come while bringing up this child? Please help me. I cannot leave my child alone. I will bring up my child myself. Please help me. Please have your mercy on me?

Why don’t such people leave themselves to mercy of God? Why do they try to get up, try to earn, try to prepare food, and try to feed themselves? Why do they go to a doctor when they are sick? Why don’t they always say, God, I am sick, please take care. God, I am hungry. Please take care. They don’t. Because they don’t have total faith in Lord. The faith and surrender that makes them leave their every life issue to God is absent. But these same mothers leave someone totally helpless to the mercy of God. Such mothers are cruel and ruthless. God does not love them, but sends them to hell forever.

Many of us leave our beloved to God and walk out. Leaving behind a shattered life, we justify our action saying – I leave you to God. There is no bigger cruelty than leaving one’s beloved when they need one most. God never forgives such evil people.

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