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Life After Death – Is It Really Necessary That We Prove It?

Recently, I came across a book written in 1918 by Arthur Conan Doyle called “The New Revelation”. It was his first book concerning his views on spiritualism and psychic phenomena. I found it fascinating to read, as much of the “proof” that he gathered and retold regarding “life” in the afterlife is still the same as what our psychics, mediums, and other metaphysical researchers of today tell us.

The fact is, we’ve been receiving proof of an afterlife for centuries. People throughout time have talked about angels, visitations from spirits, ghost entities, poltergeists, and communications from beyond. Stories of reincarnation continue to flood in, many from young children who wouldn’t have had access, nor the understanding, to imagine and produce some of the tales they tell. With our modern medicine and life-saving medical equipment, the occurrences of near death experiences are being brought into the open more and more often. Really, how much more “proof” do we need?

And yet…skeptics still abound. What’s more interesting is that various polls and statistics indicate that approximately 80% of the world’s population believes in: life after death, that we have a soul and that it continues to exist after our “physical” deaths, that there is a Heaven, and that there is some sort of creator who watches over us. Out of the 20% left, about half are sitting on the fence and haven’t made up their minds on what to believe. That leaves just 10% of human beings that we need to “convince and show proof too.” In which case I need to ask this question… Why do we need to prove anything to this very small minority of people?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I had just finished reading Doyle’s “The New Revelation” (you can read the entire book online at our website). While reading, I came across a very interesting statement that he made and one in which we should all think about:

“…we have reached a point where further proof is superfluous, and where the weight of disproof lies upon those who deny. The very people who clamour for proofs have, as a rule, never taken the trouble to examine the copious proofs which already exist…”

Isn’t that an interesting remark made by someone almost a century ago? “…where the weight of disproof lies upon those who deny…” The proof has been all around us forever and most of us know this. And yet, here we are in the twenty-first century STILL trying to provide proof that there really is a spiritual realm. How about we put the burden of proof on the disbelievers and have them DISPROVE the existence of an afterlife? The reality is that they can’t – there’s too much evidence that indicates that there is more to the existence of “life” than our physcial senses can comprehend. Think about it. Has anyone shown you absolute proof that once you die, that’s it, game over, nothing more exists? Yet, skeptics constantly spout this theory. Well, if this is true, where’s the documented research and proof?

Is there life after death? The thousands upon thousands of thoroughly investigated and documented metaphysical cases point to the fact that there is definitely something beyond the material experiences of our physical realm. The believers in a spiritual afterlife really have nothing left to prove. It’s time we turned the tables and required that the disbelievers prove to the majority of the world that life ends with our physical death.

Oh, by the way, good luck with that.

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