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Logistics of Wedding Invite Wording

Get in on the facts you need to know when wording your wedding invite.
Most people fail to understand that their wedding invite content needs to embody the caliber of the wedding they will be hosting. There currently exists no type of invite that is universally fit for all sorts of weddings. This leaves you and your future spouse with the chore of deciding what type of wording to use. As if wording isn’t a big enough issue on its own, you also have to decide what names go on the invite and in what order. There are many things to consider in this dilemma, including what side of the family is responsible for the heftiest financial contributions.

Many people somehow fall under the impression that wedding invite wording always has to be formal. It really doesn’t. You can keep the invite very simplistic and include you and your spouse’s name and a request to the particular recipient to make him or herself present and your wedding.

Naming parents in your invite can be quite a complicated process. It’s common for a typical invite to first mention the bride’s parents, followed by the actual invite, than the name of the groom and his family. While this is not very complex in itself, problems can get quite apparent when divorced or step-parents come into the picture. You want to limit the number of people you name in the invite as you may end up confusing guests. You also want to remember to take your parent’s feelings into consideration. Omitting people without first consulting them can result in problems. Thus, be very careful before you strike someone from the wedding invite.

When it comes down to it, you and your soon to be spouse have a lot of control over how your wedding invite is both worded and organized. You need to maintain a certain degree of flow in the invite, but aside from that you are essentially given a lot of flexibility.

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