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Look to Mother Nature to Reduce Stress on the Job

Are inadequate communication with co-workers, lack of control and even too much work stirring up feelings that you just can’t take it anymore? If so, you may be experiencing work-related stress.

According to the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, work-related stress is a physically and emotionally harmful response that occurs when the requirements of a job don’t match the capabilities, resources or needs of a worker.

Enduring tension headaches, neck and back pain, and tiredness are a few of the telltale signs that you may have work-related stress. Unfortunately, stress can affect more than just your performance on the job. It also can affect your health.

Because extreme stress can take a toll on many parts of your body, this state of mental tension and pressure can leave you with various degrees of health effects – from uncomfortable conditions, like heartburn, to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. In turn, many stressed-out workers have found that Mother Nature holds the key to stress-relief.

Studies show that some all-natural products can help you control stress during trying work situations while bringing significant changes to your long-term health. For instance, Vital StressX, developed by, contains a blend of seven unique herbs, known as adaptogens, that help fight stress and restore balance in your body.

Discovered by the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the adaptogens found in Vital StressX increase the body’s ability to cope with internal and external stress factors by helping control the production of excess amounts of cortisol, hormones that are always present in the body but are disrupted during times of high stress.

Clinical studies also show that adaptogens can help boost energy and endurance, promote heart health, sharpen memory and alertness, build immunity and help fend off and repair damage to your body’s cells.

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