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Love – Are You Similar To Each Other?

How similar are you with your partner? Agreed that both of you are in love, and enjoy each other’s togetherness. You like each other and want to live together till you die. You may say that you love him/her with your body and soul. What about similarities between both of you? Is your love result of these similarities? Or despite few similarities you love each other? Similarities affect relationship to some extent and are important to discuss.

Work interest – Do you have common work interest? Are you qualified in the same stream? or your work interests are different? Common work interests lead to better understanding, but this is not very important.

Hobbies – Do you have similar hobbies? Even if they are not common, do any of you have any hobby that the other partner dislikes?

Values – how similar are your beliefs and values? Do you support same political party or your views are opposite to each other? What about your opinions on major issues of life? What about goals? Are your thought processes similar or different? These can make a major difference in the quality of love and life.

Living together can become difficult if the dissimilarities are many. Conflicts take major energy and time. There is no time left to focus on love and living together if major time is spent in sorting out differences. It is easier to feel love in the beginning if the similarities are few. As times passes, dissatisfaction rises and cracks appear in the relationship. It is difficult to live with a person who holds totally opposite views. More similarities always help in making love last for a longer time.

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