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Make Love Not War: The Secrets Of A Successful Relationship

The term ‘making love’ has different meanings to different people. In general, in human nature, on TV shows and in movies, the term making love is used to define a tender moment of intimacy between two people. Yes, it usually indicates the act of intercourse, but it is supposedly describing it in a more substantial and meaningful way. The term making love is supposedly meant to imply something beautiful, something romantic ~ to create love. It is used to intentionally deter from giving the vision or thought of sex as being something obscene.

The term ‘making love’ wasn’t always used to depict the actual act of having sex. It was used to describe something more pure and even innocent. In the old days, the words ‘making love’ were used to describe any romantic, intimate gesture. Something as simple as a kiss, a flirtation, an expression of devotion, or even a dance was defined as ‘making love’. Times sure have changed, haven’t they? The days of wine and romance seem to be long gone, but for some of us, the words ‘making love’ still hold a special meaning.

Everyone at one time or another has probably been told, or they themselves have said to another – I’m not just having sex with you, I’m making love with you. Of course, those statements are not always made with the utmost genuineness. It tends to give the term a bad name when used in those circumstances. But hopefully, common sense or gut instinct will let you know when it’s not being said to you in all sincerity. If not, and you realize at a later time, chalk it up to experience. Live and learn, then move on and acknowledge the lesson.

But hopefully you have a partner who does acknowledge the significance of the words ‘making love’ in their true sense. It should be an intimate and passionate experience. Making love, in the actual sense of the term, can be one of the most fulfilling exchanges of trust between two people. So choose your words wisely people, for tomorrow they may come back to haunt you.

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