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Mid Life Crisis (MLC) Fact or Fiction? This too will pass…

I turned 40 this year in January and thought not too much about it, however as the year has progressed I’ve felt like a frustrated 13 year old. What used to work for me as far as the opportunities that would fly my way have stopped. What in the hell is going on I asked myself. So as is my nature I did some research and found out I was going through a mid-life-crisis (MLC).

The changes that generally a lot of MLC people go through and which are misunderstood, can lead to some big choices that can be mistakes.
The cravings for change and a sense of “the grass is greener” can to varying degrees lead one to really shake up the boat and maybe lose a few shipmates along the way. Even little shipmates.

So its change we MLC passengers sometimes pine for, dreaming up illusions of change that may not really be in our best interests and not in our budget.

The challenge then is there are many choices of change. Black and White’ly speaking there’s positive and negative, ying and yang, good and bad, even non action and Action. ‘All is in action with or without your permission in the larger consciousness of Universal Law.’

I can only share that I have been led to a place in my MLC that I believe is the most challenging I’ve had to face in my whole life.

Do I resist the changes because they are challenging therefore causing much pain? Or do I receive the challenge which is really ‘ONLY WHAT I THINK’ will be painful and uncomfortable.

I commit to the challenges and yes they are all for the benefit of greater growth and evolution of being an “authentic me”.
MLC has the opportunity for the passenger to realise their most heartfelt dreams and take the positive steps to claiming them. Answer the age old questions of “what am I doing here” and “what my true purpose is here in (mysteriously) the years I have to live on earth?

Alls well to share this revelation yet I still would love to escape and be backpacking around the world instead, sometimes!

The changes need to happen within me, not to create them from the outside. Then I’m only escaping the truth and the gift of the MLC.

A couple of things I’ve had to change to cope with the incessant feeling of inner anxiety and inner restlessness are as follows.

• I employed a personal trainer and committed to exercise for a longer limbered life
• I employed a Life/Business Coach
• I’ve let go of the fear of financial insecurity to concentrate on what I really want to achieve in the next to last part of my existence
• I’ve taken more interest in my 8 year olds personal development and researched what he is needing from me
• I’ve started to look at the beliefs that have had been programmed into me along the way and asked myself what ‘I want to believe’
• I’m trying especially hard when the urge to run overcomes me to accept that this rather uncomfortable time will pass and there will be a reward for my diligence
• I’m learning not to “sweat the small stuff”
• I’ve let go of my family who have SHAMED me and never accepted me for my individuality all my life. (In other words enough is enough, I don’t need anyone in my life who pushes buttons and makes me feel bad) This was a biggie however I now feel a freedom never felt before and this will be explained in a later article MLC Part 2.
• Knowing this phase goes on for about 5 years I try acceptance and as a chronic control freak all my life I’m learning to let go
• I’m loving and caring for myself
• I’m being particular about who I allow myself to associate with, I have a choice

If your on this journey along with me we are the babies of the sixties and inherent in us is the values of those times. Something changed though; the 70’s and 80’s that were so foreign to our values, I personally felt I was born at the wrong time. I am not of the ‘ME GENERATION’ I am an early Indigo child with the idealist Love and Peace for all mankind mantra.

Whether you are sensitive to astrology or not, one who I know and love can proclaim the effects the planets have on our whole system(s) of inner and outer experiences. When we are aware of what our challenges and cycles are as they are happening and with a little knowledge into the future, a sensitive to astrology is left with a confirmation and a knowing sense of safety as to the lessons to be learned and the positive outcomes as a result.

Resistance to growth is the killer, it‘s what causes the pain.

Yet, worse is CONFUSION, double-mindedness and unstable in all our ways.

MLC (Mid Life Crisis) I can proclaim only subjectively was Confusion without the knowledge I’ve gained through, yes, of course astrology.
My proof has been in watching and remember others deal with their years from 39-45.

There’s plenty on the www to support your MLC and maybe give some relief to what the hell is happening here.

By the way there are some fortunate people who stream through these years totally untouched by a MLC, I envy them sometimes and yet, are they out of touch or escaping through making drastic changes outside themselves justifying their actions selfishly.

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