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Mission trip basics

A popular proverb say’s “one small good deed is better than the thousand grandest thoughts”. Mission trip travel applies rightly to this saying. Traveling on mission requires traveling not for one’s own joy and recreation but for much more noble cause of giving and serving humanity. Happiness does not always relate to receiving gifts and services, on the contrary even serving others give a serene sense of pleasure to the person who has done some kind of charity. Even the thought of being able to serve someone less fortunate and being able to bring a smile on the face of some suffering from any kind of short comings increases the self esteem of any individual. All these divine thoughts have lead to an ever-increasing number of mission trips throughout the world.

Apart form going for recreational vacations during the holidays spending time on mission trips is growing popular each day. Christians all through the world are realizing the importance of serving people who have lesser resources to live and are surviving under very unhealthy conditions. Men who are enjoying wider facilities in life and have been lucky to be a part of well-developed societies now want to serve the less fortunate as a way of thanks giving to Christ.

Mission traveling emphasizes on helping the under privileged mainly by way of physical work. If the church organizing the trip can afford the costs incurred it may pay the money required for transportation to and fro to the destination. In case the organizer of the mission trip is not capable of bearing the costs involved it is the responsibility of the travelers to bear their own personal costs.
Also the responsibility of personal food and expenses lies on travelers’ shoulders. Anyone going for mission trip needs to properly vaccinate himself from all types of diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis, malaria and other similar illness because the chances of being infected on these remote sites may be there. One should not expect any kind of luxury during traveling, they must be ready to sleep in their sleeping bags or tents and eat whatever is available without any fuss. The sprit is always of devoting time and energy for others and not for personal fulfillments.

Travelers of mission trip should be prepared to face the hardships of life they must be ready for any type physical work which may be of construction or cleaning the area manually or any other similar activity. Many a times people who are from medical background may be asked to go to remote places where there are less number of doctors and treat the patients with utmost dedication. Popular places for mission traveling are the Caribbean, Africa, Inner parts of America, India, Australia and other backward countries. Missionaries throughout the world because of their noble cause are also offered discounted rates for traveling to their destinations. Also for food and lodging facilities men on mission work are offered services at discounted rates. There are people who have sacrificed their entire life to serve others and become lifetime missionaries. Not only Christians it’s always desirable for everyone else to at least once in lifetime experience the joy of mission traveling.

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