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Nurturing friendships

When we plant a tree, we take care of that plant from the smallest stage of growth. We not only nurture that plant with water, air and fertilizers, but also protect it from any damage. Friendship is one such plant. One has to take care of friends, as one takes care of the plants, one grows.

Most of us take friendship for granted. We believe that friends are always there, whenever we need them. Why this attitude
for friendship? Because, a day soon comes when our friends will begin feeling that we don’t care for them. That day the
friendship will get over. Does anyone wants to destroy long term friendships? No!

What can be done to keep the friendship strong? How to relate with friends so that the bond grows stronger? What to expect from friends, and what to give them in return?

Make a quick list of all your good friends. Now write the date, when you last communicated with them in anyway. When did you last meet them? When did last share meal with them, or a drink? When did you send them a gift? What was the date, when you tried to find out about their problems? Did you ask them and they called up to tell you? What is the ratio of your telling them of your problems, and they telling you theirs? Go deeper in the analysis of relationship. This exercise may reveal quite a lot to you about your bonding and sharing. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and think about what they might be feeling about the friendship?

This exercise will give you clues about anything that needs to be done by you to nurture friendship. Value your friendship by nurturing it on a regular basis. Meeting friends regularly, finding about what may be bothering them, sending them small gifts over intervals, sharing jokes with them, asking them for a movie together, and so many other things can help us make our friendship bond stronger.

Make your friends feel proud of you and your friendship. To communicate regularly with your friends, send them ecards on various occasions and for different reasons. Sending ecards is better than email most of the times. Make your friendship stronger.

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