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Partnership Originated From A Dream

A few years ago I – Natali – was still living in Russia and had never dreamt of living in a foreign country. On a beautiful sunny day, back in 1996, when I worked as a kindergarden-teacher, we were given notice that our kindergarden was about to be closed down.Two months later I was out of work.

Totally by chance – as it happens often – I discovered an ad in the newspaper, where a company offered work for AuPair girls abroad. It seemed quite interesting and tempting, so I went to see this company right away.Being unemployed, what did I have to lose? My experience in working with children and also my language skills (so I thought then) where quite good. However, the company wasn´t able to find a job for me. Since I don´t like to leave my projects unaccomplished, I continued my search by sending an ad and a photopgraph to several AuPair agencies, waiting for offers.

After a while I started receiving letters. To my surprise I wasn´t offered jobs but – dates! I thought “Why not?” and chose the candidates I liked best. There were quite a few of them. One day I received a particularly nice and interesting letter and I just knew: “This is Him!”

Soon we were exchanging 2-3 e-mails a week – without a translation program! Since I did not have an Internet at home, I had to ride a long way to an Internet Cafe. Remembering that time and all the effort it took, I wonder “How on earth did I manage?” Could it have been love already?

Half a year later we met. Everything seemed great and my heart was singing with joy because I felt I had met the person who I might share my life with, good things and bad. However, I had no such luck! My new friend refused because I have a rather serious eye problem. His answer was: “My heart tells me to marry you but my mind says “No”, for there may be too many problems coming up in the future. All I can offer you is my friendship.”

So we separated as friends and continued writing each other for two more years, when one day I received a letter which read as follows:

Dear Natali,

it´s been quite some time that we got to know each other and I just can´t forget your kindness and your warm heart. I have been through a lot of experiences and thinking about a lot of things. And I have come to the realization that you are the woman I have been looking for all my life and… Do you want to become my wife?

On April 20, 2002 we celebrated our wedding.

By now we know for certain, that we are meant for each other. That is why we set out to help Russian women and American men who are lonely to find their happiness as well! Together we have created a partnership agency on the Internet and we invite you to visit our Site! For – who knows – you too, may find your love and happiness there!

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