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People Seek Help Through Prayer

People throughout the world are searching – for God, for answers, for meaning. Thousands of these seekers are led to Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of Unity. Silent Unity receives more than 2 million requests for prayer support each year from all over the world – by telephone, mail and the Internet.

The following requests reflect issues that many of us deal with in our own lives. Silent Unity is sharing them with the permission of those requesting prayer.

Every time I get one health challenge under control, something else goes wrong. It is hard to keep a positive attitude. Is there any prayer that can help?

Yes, prayer always helps when you are facing a healing challenge because prayer connects you to the presence of God within. As you pray, focus your thoughts only on God, the source of life and peace, and speak affirmative words quietly or aloud. The life of God within responds to your positive words and continuously works to renew every cell of your body.

Use the following affirmation to help keep your thoughts centered on the healing life of God: “The healing life of God is flowing through every cell of my body temple. I am whole and free.”

My family members no longer speak to one another and everyone is blaming someone else in the family for the problems we’re facing. I miss the fun times and the love we shared. Can you help me?

The love of God is greater than any challenge you and your family can face. As you pray, know that this great love is flowing through you and recognize it within each member of your family. God’s love will guide each of you to live and work together in a spirit of cooperation, understanding and respect.

We are affirming with you now: “The love of God flows through me and each member of my family to guide our thoughts and actions. United in love, we live in harmony and understanding.”

What one heart cannot bear alone, a hundred loving hearts can bear with faith. Silent Unity has been praying with people of all faiths for more than 100 years. Its 300 employees respond to each request for prayer support with reverence and complete confidentiality.

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