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Positive Learning and self talk

Personal Mental Health is what makes us laugh and stay healthy. When we think negative things, our mental health like self-esteem and confidence will decrease. With positive thinking and self-talk we can build up our mental health status to increase how we feel to make our self esteem and confidence grow.

Thinking negative about us can do more harm than good; and that’s a fact. When we think negative all the time we become depressed, lose weight, attitude changes these can be harmful as well as deadly in some cases.

Don’t lose control and let the negative things take over your life. Take control and put your personal mental health first to staying healthy with positive thinking and self-talk.

Think positive by helping others when they are in need. This will help your mental health grow stronger and more positive because you were able to do something for someone beside yourself.

Smile and relax everyday especially if you realize that you are frowning about something that has gone wrong. Smile and think positive to turn the wrong right. NOTE: Did you know that if you smile at least one minute each day every hour it reduces wrinkles?

Exercise will help your mental health and relieves stress after a long day. Take this time for yourself to relax, visit with other in an exercise group or ask a neighbor to join in on your walk. You’ll be thinking positive by exercising, building self-esteem and confidence by talk and getting to know the neighbor you’ve lived by for a year. Use self-talks as an exercise regimen to improve your mind even more so.

Writing will help the mental health by relieving stress and give you time out for yourself as well. You can blow off to someone and they don’t listen but when it is on paper you can go back and see how you handled things that day. If you solved a problem, write it down you can look back and see how far you went since last month by thinking positive for your personal mental health.

As you accomplish something, tell yourself how well you did it. Think about how it was handled. Writing results of an accomplishment will make you happy when you go back to read the past.

Start thinking positive to build yourself to become stronger. Let your self-confidence and esteem come out in the open. People will turn there heads when you join in on a conversation with them instead of turning away and sitting in a corner.

Your co-workers will love working with you when you smile all the time and let them know you’re happy. Your friends don’t want to work with someone that is always down in the dumps.

As you begin to make new friends and they start asking you to join in at lunch or go shopping with them your mental health will improve and you’ll feel like your living in a new world.

You know have new friends, more energy to exercise, you look forward to a new day, and life will seems so much more important. Positive thinking will get you a long way in life. Use any support system available to you. Never think that you are alone. Someone out their understands what you are going through and are ready to lend you a hand or ear if you need it.

Don’t expect for you or others to recognize the changes right away. It will take time to change your thinking habits. How do you feel about life? It took many years thinking negative and it will.

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