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Prescription HGH

There are many users of prescription HGH formulas as the reasons for undergoing hormone therapy is wide and varied. The most common use of prescription HGH, especially when it was first launched, almost two decades ago, was for the treatment of conditions in children, such as stunted growth, to help reduce excess body fat and encourage weight loss (treatment of obesity, whatever the cause) and for reversing the signs of early aging due to the reduced production of naturally occurring HGH.

Scope of use of prescription HGH: beyond the realm of bodybuilding, delayed growth in children and a miracle cure for dismissing wrinkles

Prescription HGH has grown tremendously in the scope and use of the various aspects it helps treat today: combating premature aging, converting body fats to lean muscle, adding bulk where needed and inches to shorter statures are pertinent issues commonly associated within the realm of prescription HGH. With the beauty industry growing manifold and younger persons opting for skin care measures to prevent anti-aging even as 60+seniors push their way to higher endurance levels and enhanced physical appearance concerns with as much gusto as younger counterparts keen to make the most of energy boosters, there is more and more scientific support coming into the area of prescription HGH as well as non-prescription and lower potency options for HGH releasers.

While aesthetics of anti-aging benefits as proffered by regular and controlled use of prescription HGH are high in demand of beauty conscious persons, there are no less medical concerns being aired as to whether these demands are justifiable simply because people have the money to pay for the expensive prescription HGH as opposed to the medical fraternity that needs it more to treat extreme cases of obesity, stunted growth and beat unusually high stress levels, common eruptions of a competitive world today. The fact remains, as ugly as it sounds, the truth about prescription HGH being available in counterfeit form has brought the whole matter under a cloud and few are eager to try it out without initially consulting a medical expert, who will in turn, only recommend it for severe obesity or stunted growth problems, when coupled with surgery or another intervention to reduce side-effects.

Is prescription HGH only meant for children? Learning about who can benefit from prescription HGH

Yes, prescription HGH prescription was essentially meant for under-developed children who needed a growth boost, but over the years, the market for this synthetically manufactured growth enhancer has also grown to accommodate needs from other sectors. This is simply because growth hormone deficiencies do not just affect children; it can happen to adults too. The hormone, HGH, reduces in production level after adulthood and this reduced HGH level can significantly impact adults because it is critical to health issues like tissue repair, healing, muscle growth, bone strength, brain function, physical and mental health, energy and metabolism balancing; here is where prescription HGH plays a positive and almost life-changing role in helping to accelerate HGH production levels in the body. Thus, even the body’s ability to produce HGH declines, say beyond the age of 35 or 40, many doctors recommend prescription HGH for patients whose IGF-1 levels are below 200 since this low level is indicative of HGH deficiency and diagnosis most likely would reveal AGHD, or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Post 1996, the FDA’s approval of recombinant human growth hormone for use in adult patients has come through and now prescription HGH prescription is extensively and safely used for treating deficient adults.

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