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Quiz – Are You And Your Spouse Best Friends?

Lot of discussion takes place about the difference between friendship and marriage. Two good friends marry at times. But what about married partners, do they become good friends? What are the qualities of friendship that are not found in a marriage ideally every married couple should be best friend of each other. They should share all their secrets, their problems, their laughter and their joy with each other. There is one vital difference between friendship and marriage. A marriage is a legal binding and breaking a marriage takes much more than a friendship.

This is the reason that most of us are unguarded about our friendships. There is not much at risk. In marriage the risk is very high. Therefore if the relationship gets little strained, the partners get worried and try to find ways out of the crack.

How about becoming best friends with each other? Should a married couple not develop that relationship? It should. Are you and your spouse best friends? Are you very much for each other at all the times? What about openness in relationship? Are you totally honest with each other? Let me ask you a question. Say, you find a great looking person of opposite sex and you get attracted. Will you talk about that with your spouse? You would not hesitate doing that with your friend. Am I correct? How about sharing this with your spouse? Most of us will never do that. We keep a corner in our heart that is walled from our spouse. We need to break that wall. We need to develop very open relationship with our spouse. Try it, you will love it.

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