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Quiz- Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Relationship?

Most of us suffer from relationship failure. The tragic truth is that even after suffering from bad relationships, many of us continue the same behavior with the new relationship. Are you doing that? What about your current relationship? Do you think it will succeed or will fail? Let us quiz and find out if you are making mistakes in relationship?

Quiz- are you in hurry? Not giving enough time to the relationship to develop love. Expecting results too soon and then getting frustrated. Understanding each other and developing liking for each other takes time. That needs enough interactions to find out more about each other and developing love. Hurrying with this will be premature.

Quiz- is romance becoming the focus? Are becoming a romantic at the cost of the relationship depth? Some lovers want to keep the romance on without understanding the true meaning of relationship. No relationship can become healthy only by sending flowers everyday. Romance is important but it is not the whole of relationship.

Quiz- are you expecting all your pleasure and happiness from your partner? It can be either way. You may seek all your happiness by making your partner happy. This dependence on a single person hurts our personality and also creates dissatisfaction if you do not get what you want after some time. The phase of feeling wronged comes from this.

It is necessary that along with a healthy relationship, we keep our self-esteem intact. healthy self esteem is important for a relationship. by sacrificing self esteem, no body can develop healthy relationship.

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