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Reducing Risks in Self Talk and Positive Exercise

We can consider physical workouts to see how it can benefit us in many ways. Yet, we still need to consider exercises for the brain so that it can benefit too. While physical exercise will encourage the brain when you apply self-talk and positive thinking it will increase your mental and physical health even further.

Let’s review exercise first to see what we can get from working out the muscles and joints.

Exercise is a great way to reduce risks of strokes, heart disease, and diabetes, and high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and so on. Working out often will help, since it strengthens the bones, cartilage, spinal column, nervous system, muscles and joints. Joints when flexibility will promote blood flow so that it goes to the brain freely. The tissues and cells also work properly when you exercise. This means that every time you build your muscles you brain benefits too.

Exercise includes cardio workouts, aerobics, strength training, and resistance training, and isometric and so forth. One of the recent exercise routines is the Pilate’s plan. The machines and equipment will assist you with sculpting the body, yet you are not harming the joints. In fact, when you workout you should avoid overloading the joints. The joints are powerful instruments we have and when these joints are overworked, it could cause serious problems to incur.

Exercise will promote good health. Exercise prevents the muscles and joints from feeling stiff. When the muscles and joints are stiff, it opens the doors to inflammation, swelling, pain and other arthritic symptoms. When the joints and muscles are not working properly, it affects the central nervous system. The central nervous system rests, sending living cells information that channels messages through and from neurotransmitters on to the brain and spinal column. If this area is interrupted, you are opening the door to some serious problems in the future.

Now that you have an overall idea how exercise can help you, check out how self-talk and positive brain exercises can benefit you too.

In fact, the central nervous system from failure to exercise, it affects the two hemispheres of the brain that divide and channel to the spinal cord. What happens is the four lobes are affected. These lobes include the frontal, parietal, temporal and the occipital lobe. When failure to exercise starts affecting the muscles and joints, the tissues, cells and central nervous system is affected, which also targets the brain? Now we see issues incurring, since the lobes contain our personality, intellectual works, motor speech, sensations, sensory integrated communications, spatial, vision, taste, smell, speech, and our capacity to hear.

Break it down:
When you self-talk and think positive, it effects these hemispheres in a good way. What happens is the brain starts building new cells, which replaces dying cells. Each time you feed your mind positive food and then work out with self-talk, you are building motor speech, sensations, intellectual, personality, communication, vision, spatial, smell, speech, taste, and so on.

This is the process of working out the mind. When you work out the mind, it will reward you in many ways. Yet, if you combine exercise, i.e. physical exercise with brain workouts you will live even healthier.

Now that you have an overview, sit and talk with you to get the ball in motion.

I will start exercising today. I have the power within me to start working out my mind and body today. I will not slack. Each day that I awake, I will practice self-talk, positive thinking and working toward a healthier body.

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