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Relationship – Do Not Blame Me For The Mess?

I have spoken about various games we play in relationships. The games that are mostly negative drain the relationship of its charm and effectively kill all the love and care that partners can have for each other. Here is one more such game that is played in relationships. It is called – please I am not at fault. Do not blame me. Or tell me what I shall do, and I will do that. Unsaid part- you know very well that I will never do what you advise, but blame you after everything fails.

Partners who have been lucky to get a partner who tolerates a lot generally play this game. In this relationship The game playing partner knows that all will be tolerated and the poor partner will try his/her best to set things right. Why should I bother at all? These are lazy partners. These are dishonest partners. These are destructive partners. They can extract life away from a charming individual and make him/her feel guilty and helpless for no fault. They destroy the relationship.

In such a relationship what is the remedy for such situations? First the victim has to understand the game that is being played. After that the victim should get away from taking any part in the game. Once the victim refuses to get persecuted, the abuser will have trouble playing the game. Either they will have to mend their ways or the relationship will break down.

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